NEW culture


NEW Culture Ecovillage is a model for a new wave of ecovillage design, currently needed globally to promote new ways of regenerative and conscious living  (why?)

The visionary, cultural and social infrastructure is based on the full actualisation of the Community Coherence Model, comprised of the

Four Directions Vision, the five New Earth Ways (NEWs), and

the Four Element Social Design

The ecological, economic and physical designs are based on the principles outlined in Community Coherence, e.g.

- Prioritisation on attracting, educating & inspiring the world

- Creating balance & unification on all levels

- Operating wholistically & with understanding of a greater plan

- Emulating the highest principles of nature, e.g. beauty, symbiosis, purpose, truth

'NEW' culture = New Earth Ways

1. Stay Tuned in – to live and act from natural, conscious alignment 

2. Respect Energy – cultivate awareness of yours, others’ and nature’s

3. Honour the Circle – to sustain balance and self-replenishing abundance

4. Embody the Vision – to operate from one’s heart, truth and purpose 

5. Celebrate Individuals – to create a symbiosis that serves the whole


Why NEW Culture Ecovillage?


> The Earth is now in need of regenerative development for humanity's survival.

> Ecovillages are pioneering examples of meeting the UN's sustainability goals and are

leaders in regenerative initiatives. 

> Whilst everyone on this planet cannot live in a newly created 'ecovillage,' ecovillages are powerful educational centres & living models with the potential to inspire & guide 

existing villages & towns and their inhabitants to transition.

> However, ecovillages can be limited in their influence over the mainstream world because of alienating

factors such as an overweight of new age spirituality, or an absence of aesthetic value. 

> There is therefore an urgent need for the creation of new ecovillages that are specifically designed

to promote new conscious & regenerative lifestyles in ways that unify, reach, inspire,

and influence mainstream culture. 

> To do this, pioneering ecovillage expertise and experience must innovate to meet

the rising waves of modern culture, trend & consciousness.

Walking the path from the car park to the reception, I am besieged by an abundance of green leafy plants, bushes and small trees, flowers in all shades of pinks and purples, and butterflies, lining the path and spreading out in either direction along a wooded green. Like hitting a wall of warmth and sweetness, it has now engulfed me, and I suddenly feel like I could just sit down somewhere and take a rest – even before I have really arrived...

Experience  narrative...


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