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NEW culture


NEW Culture Ecovillage stands for a new wave of community design, currently needed globally to inspire new ways of regenerative and conscious living. (why?)

The model is rooted in the deep wisdom of coherence and alignment, whereby groups of people form (interconnected) communities based around a coherence and alignment of vision, which then determines the culture and social infrastructure: Community Coherence Model

Many people share the desire for community, for greater resiliency against the coming ecological and economic changes, for nature and a more natural, connected life. Yet disharmony arises in communities, because there is incoherence in the culture that individuals are (often unconsciously) seeking to experience.

In contrast, successful communities have in common a coherence in the culture, and this is essential for us to live happily in a place and enjoy good health. Too high degree of contrast can be positive in the short term for growth, but toxic for our health and wellbeing in the long term. 

'NEW' culture = New Earth Ways

The New Earth Ways are a set of cultural principles, that attempt to best mitigate the potential disharmonies of a community, and bring about the greatest coherence: 

1. Stay Tuned in – living from deep awareness, listening, and trust in 'what wants to happen'

2. Respect Energy – cultivating a deep respect for yours, others’ and nature’s energy

3. Honour the Circle – trusting the regenerative wisdom of balance and cycles

4. Embody the Vision – operating responsibly from one’s heart, truth and purpose 

5. Celebrate Individuals – valuing the diversity within a symbiotic social ecosystem 


A specific vision for a NEW Culture Ecovillage is awaiting creation.

The vision holds in high priority: 


Take a deep dive into a fictional story based on a vision for a full scale NEW Culture Ecovillage, which lives by the principles of the New Earth Ways: 

Walking the path from the car park to the reception, I am besieged by an abundance of green leafy plants, bushes and small trees, flowers in all shades of pinks and purples, and butterflies, lining the path and spreading out in either direction along a wooded green. Like hitting a wall of warmth and sweetness, it has now engulfed me, and I suddenly feel like I could just sit down somewhere and take a rest – even before I have really arrived...

Experience  narrative...


Why NEW Culture Ecovillage?


> The Earth is now in need of regenerative models of living, for humanity's future generations. Community resilience is key, and coherence is key for resilience. 

> Ecovillages are pioneering examples of meeting the UN's sustainability goals and are leaders in regenerative initiatives and whole-systems solutions. 

> Whilst everyone on this planet cannot live in a newly and perfectly created 'ecovillage,' ecovillages could become highly influencial educational centres & living models, inspiring & guiding existing villages & towns to transition.

> However, many ecovillages are limited in their influence over the mainstream world because of off-putting

factors such as new age spirituality, and an absence of aesthetic appreciation. "But we know better" has limited impact at drawing people out of their comfort zones. For regenerative living to become mainstream, it needs to be attractive and relatable. 

> There is therefore an urgent need for the creation of ecovillages that are specifically designed

to promote new conscious & regenerative lifestyles in ways that unify, reach, inspire,

and influence mainstream culture. 

> To do this, pioneering ecovillage expertise must innovate to offer modern culture a version of regenerative living that truly inspires and meets universal needs for health, wellbeing, connection, beauty, comfort, creativity, purpose, and evolution. 


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