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Are you looking to find new members for your existing community, or to co-create a new community with like-minded collaborators?

I am connected with many community groups - being a part of the Global Ecovillage Network. As the first founder of The New Earth School, whose purpose is to teach and support people in creating more inspiring, planet-friendly lifestyles, I would also like to live my most inspired life, and co-create a community! 

I am currently looking to co-create with a specific set of people - in order to create a specific kind of vision and culture! 

Location wise, I'm completely open, with a preference for Europe, in a warmish climate, and natural location where there are woodlands and water nearby. 

I'm exploring varied scales of possibility - ranging from a short-term regenerative nomadic household of 7-10 people, to a full-scale ecovillage with welcome centre, cafe, educational &healing spaces, work spaces, guest accommodations etc, (as shown in the drawing above, which the story  is based on.)

Regardless of the scale of the community, of key importance to me is the kind of principles outlined in Community Coherence, e.g.

- Prioritisation on attracting, educating & inspiring the world

- Creating balance & wellbeing on all levels

- Operating with purpose and understanding of a greater plan

- Emulating the highest principles of nature, e.g. beauty, symbiosis, purpose, truth

Finding the people to create a coherent vision with is key. So many people band together to create community without discerning how deeply aligned the culture and vision is for each person - like getting married to someone based on the initial flurry of romance! 


This isn’t about eradicating diversity - rather, everyone’s diverse qualities and skills need to align for the creation of a common vision and culture - like for any project or a business. 


Whilst there is value in learning to live with people who have significantly contrasting visions, this does not work as a long term way of living regeneratively. 


People should realise their aspirations and live in ways that light them up. If some people want to build tables, and others want to build chairs, just form two groups - they’re both needed! 


So, I support and encourage you in finding those with whom you can create a vision for a community that truly inspires you and meets your needs for well-being and higher purpose. If my Community Coherence Model can help you at all, then I am honoured.


If your vision and needs truly align with what I’ve outlined below, then please get in touch. 


The Co-Creators:


  • Empowered, connected, aspirational, on the path of purpose (as opposed to seeking healing, 'self,' and purpose).

  • Wanting to create new models of living, regenerative culture, and share it with the world.

  • Radical responsibility, wishing to serve the greater whole, outside of their own convenience.

  • Highly self-responsible, engaged in personal development practices, and able to process social conflicts and reach resolutions with others. 

  • Able to respect your own and others' beliefs, practices, & needs.

  • Grounded & humble - able to step out of ego and headiness. 

  • Wanting to live in alignment with source / spirit / a greater intelligence and Mother Earth.

  • Proactive and pragmatic - people who want to do, not just talk. 

  • Recognise the importance of good design, aesthetics, beauty, harmony, tidiness, cleanness, organisation. 

  • Value balanced, healthy, living - the yin and the yang.

Key Aspects of the Community Vision:


  • New Culture: We have a passion for creating a new culture, raising consciousness, embracing a new paradigm. We challenge old narratives and listen to what inspires us. 

  • Education: Creating educational experiences and inspiring the world is a major focus. 

  • Healing-Transformation: Offering transformational experiences - often hand in hand with education. Note: ceremonial plant medicines are a welcome part of this, but not a major focus. 

  • Resilience: How we become resilient, self-sufficient, regenerative, on every level is a major focus. 

  • Nature: Connecting with nature on every level, is a major theme that runs through everything. 

  • Design: Everything is designed with artistry, intention, and love, to affect consciousness, creating an aesthetic that is elegant and natural. 

  • Personal-Interpersonal Flow: Solitude, silence, stillness is valued equally to community, sound, movement - the culture is designed and creates opportunity for both. 

  • Health & Wellbeing: We prioritise our health, what makes us alive and vitalised, and value each other’s practices and needs. We have no need for drugs or alcohol, except occasional ceremonial use. 

  • Purity: We want to cultivate a clean, high vibrational quality of energy in all we do and our spaces, that raises consciousness and allows us to access higher potentials of self-mastery and inner peace.

Have any resonance, ideas, or questions? Please drop a message and I'll be in touch!

In community spirit,

Karen Aiyana Birch



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