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Respecting Energy

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Healthy relationships are dependent upon healthy energetic dynamics:

No person has the right to another person’s personal energy, nor to judge or attack another person’s personal energy structure/expression, which is another form of controlling it. Until people respect each other’s energy, there can be no harmony in relationship. We all do it. You can easily think of how others have done it to you, but can you own how you do it to others? People are usually parasitical in more of a yang or yin direction, and they often attract one another and conflict with one another because they can only see the other’s imbalance and not their own. 

For instance, person A may be lying half dead with physical exhaustion, but person B with yang parasitical behaviour will not see it and still be upset with them because they didn’t ‘make the effort’ to do this or that for them. There is always more that they want person A to do for them as evidence of them caring for them, or just because they only see their own practical needs. Person B then may be overloaded with family and work demands such that they have no time for their emotional needs, yet person A who has yin parasitical behaviour will still react with hurt because the other is not paying enough attention to them or giving them enough loving presence and affection. 

They are both seeking access to the other person’s personal energy. Some people do it through seeking others to do things for them, literally using other people’s energy like instruments for their own requirements. Other people do it by way of seeking love, attention, approval, and emotional security, drawing upon others’ energy to fill the hole in their own hearts and emotional bodies. 

Everyone: people are not batteries for us to use for our own need fulfilment! (This is the same principle for how we treat the Earth)

And that’s not to mention the whole plethora of examples whereby someone judges another simply for operating in way that does not align with how he/she operates - as if to act or think or feel differently is a crime - and tries to convince, manipulate or control the other into acting, thinking or feeling the same way. This is nothing but deeply disrespectful towards life. 

Relationships and relating are about the sharing of energy, but energy should be given freely by its owner, as and when it feels right for the owner to do so, and not expected or demanded by another. When people can use their own energy rightfully and effectively for themselves, and stop seeking to control or use other peoples’ energy, then they can enjoy the beauty and gift of mutual and equal sharing of energy with another. 

This can only happen when someone can take ownership for their own part in this pattern, and begin to take full responsibility for their own energy so that they no longer need to draw upon the energy of others. It is a fact that when someone is aligned within themselves and whole in their energy, they naturally move towards giving and sharing with others in the way they naturally resonate with. If everyone were taking responsibility for that instead of seeking energy from others, the irony is that there would be a whole festival of loving generous energy sharing going on. 

Please can we all practice respecting each others’ energy? 


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